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The solution to the damaging effects of the wind is at hand!

Natural wind break barriers

In order to remediate the damaging effects of the wind, the use of wind break barriers is becoming increasingly widespread particularly in the agriculture sector.

How many times have we seen natural bushes or rows of trees on the sides of the roads we normally drive along or along rivers without asking ourselves of their importance and without considering that in their absence there would be a rapid progression of wind erosion?
Originally natural wind breaks were created by using for instance Cypress trees, which are ideal for their quick growth and the thickness of the foliage, above all for defending from sea winds; the Tamarisk, suitable in those areas characterised
by the presence of winds full of saltiness, or the Eucalyptus, used as a main wind break to break the violence of the winds at first impact.
However, although living wind breaks embellish the landscape, they require
a long period for growth and house parasites and need watering,
fertilising and maintenance in time.

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