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The solution to the damaging effects of the wind is at hand!

Artificial wind break barriers

In order to overcome these problems, there is now the tendency to build “ready made” artificial wind breaks with plastic or less thick netting, above all to protect the most cherished crops.
They are highly regarded for their characteristic of being easy and quick to erect and have a very low cost with respect to their efficiency and protection offered.
A properly installed wind break blocks and diverts the wind flows, protecting the plants from the harmful effects caused by this atmospheric event which may dehydrate shoots, break young branches, uproot flowers, lacerate or break off leaves.
Used as a cover for greenhouses, they raise the temperature beneath it, allowing a significant saving on energy consumption.
Moreover, by reducing the wind speeds, a really effective wind break reduces
any soil erosion problems, limiting the water loss due to evaporation
by up to 40%.

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